Antenatal Care

Antenatal Care

Dr. Ganu offers a full care obstetric service to privately insured patients including:

  • Antenatal and postnatal care
  • High risk obstetrics
  • Medical disorders in pregnancy, including gestational diabetes

What Can You Expect?

6-8 weeks – Initial antenatal visit booked for 45 minute duration, typically closer to 8 weeks.

Our Nurse or Midwife will commence a ‘Pregnancy Record Book’ and enter your medical, surgical, obstetric history in your medical records and do a physical assessment including height, weight, BMI, blood pressure and perform the *Edinburgh perinatal anxiety & depression score checklist. If there are any initial dating ultrasounds or blood tests these are also entered into the book as the start of your ongoing pregnancy record, we also keep this information on our system so if you forget your ‘record book’ at any stage the details can be entered at a later date.

Dr. Ganu will then see you and discuss your pregnancy in more details. She will listen to the foetal heart beat and perform an ultrasound scan in clinic. She will listen to and discuss any concerns that you may have, go through your medical and surgical history in more detail and order any upcoming blood tests or radiology scans you may require or be due to have.

*It is now a recommendation that the Edinburgh score is done twice during a pregnancy and again after delivery due to the significant rise in postnatal anxiety and depression in our society. These conditions can be treated easily if detected early enough but can have dire consequences if left undiagnosed, to both mother and baby. We therefore strive to help your pregnancy experience be as stress-free and enjoyable as possible.

Appointments are every 4 weeks until 28 weeks.

10-12 weeks – Antenatal checkup and NT Translucency Ultrasound and SAMSAS blood test to be organized if required. You may also opt to have the NIPT (Non-invasive prenatal testing) or more commonly known as the Harmony Test done. This will incur an out of pocket expense and can be discussed at this visit.

16-18 weeks – Antenatal checkup and FPH or Ashford admission paperwork to be filled out.

A FPH Obstetrics Booking Form is also completed by the nurse and Dr. Ganu and you will need to fill out a ‘Hospital Registration Form’ to accompany this. These are given to Flinders Private Hospital and they will create or update your hospital file.

18-20 weeks – Antenatal checkup and Morphology Scan is due.
This ultrasound confirms heartbeat, detects multiple births, measures size of fetus, assesses position of placenta, checks volume of amniotic fluid around the baby and looks for fetal abnormalities. The sex of the baby may be able to be determined at this stage.

20-22 weeks - Antenatal checkup and review of Morphology scan results.

24-26 Weeks - Antenatal checkup and pathology forms given for Glucose Tolerance Test – (detects gestational diabetes in pregnant women), CBE and Blood Group and antibodies in Rh negative women.

28 Weeks – Antenatal checkup and a longer appointment booked for pregnancy planning and repeat of the Edinburgh perinatal anxiety/depression score checklist at this visit. If you are a negative blood group you will be given Ante-D at this visit.

Whooping cough vaccine recommended to women and their partners at this time by their GP.

Appointments every 2 weeks until 36 weeks.

30 Weeks – Antenatal checkup, document if Whooping cough and/or Fluvax have been administered by their GP.

32 Weeks – Antenatal checkup and order Ante-D for next visit if Rh Negative.

34 Weeks – Antenatal checkup and Anti-D to be given if Rh Negative.

36 Weeks – Antenatal check and GBS (Group B Strep) vaginal swab for culture, CBE and Blood Group Antibodies. Information and discussion about labour delivery and breastfeeding will be discussed in much more depth at this visit and over the next 4 weeks.

Appointments made weekly until 40 weeks

Extra ultrasound scans may be required to check growth/size for delivery.