Gynaecology - All Aspects of Gynaecological Care

Gynaecological Care

Dr. Ganu offers a range of gynaecological services to help manage or treat:

  • Pelvic pain
  • Endometriosis
  • Heavy bleeding, Fibroids, Postmenopausal Bleeding
  • PCOS and ovarian cysts
  • Fertility & pre-pregnancy planning
  • Abnormal Pap smear/Cervical screening and Colposcopy
  • Menopause
  • Prolapse
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Contraception options including Mirena

Pelvic pain

Pelvic pain is not something anyone should have to live with. Dr. Ganu is here to work out what is causing this pain, affect many aspects of your lifestyle and cause major inconvenience. Dr. Ganu will take an extensive history and perform an examination. If required she will organise various tests (bloods, ultrasound / x-rays) which may assist her in determining the cause of your pelvic pain. Once the cause can be established she will determine if to treat you with medication and/or look at a surgical intervention. If the cause of your pain can be helped along more conservatively, referral to a specialist pelvic physiotherapist or dietician may be part of the solution and implemented as part of your individualised management plan.

Dr. Ganu will then see you and discuss your reason for referral in detail. She will listen to your concerns and discuss these with you. She will go through your medical and surgical history and talk about the physical examination if one is required, in detail. When the physical examination is complete, she will discuss any findings in more detail and order any blood tests or radiology scans you may require. Dr. Ganu will then discuss treatment options or put together a comprehensive management plan for you to take with you after the consultation is complete. This will be the basis of your treatment process and if you require follow up consultations the management plan will be updated and changed as needed.

Laparoscopic surgery, including laparoscopic hysterectomy, treatment of endometriosis, pelvic pain, ovarian cysts and other causes of abnormal bleeding.
Laparoscopic surgery is non-invasive surgery performed via key-hole usually in the pelvis. Most patients choose this option as recovery is quicker and scarring is almost non-existent. Sometimes open abdominal or transvaginal surgery is required but not before a laparoscopic option is excluded as an option for you as an individual. Dr. Ganu is a highly experienced and skilled laparoscopic surgeon.

Treatment of menorrhagia and other abnormal bleeding including surgical intervention such as endometrial ablation and hysteroscopy.
The possible causes for menorrhagia (heavy bleeding) will be discussed thoroughly and then you will be given management options or a solution to suit your problem. Often a Hysteroscopy (a look into the uterus, through the vagina under anaesthetic) will give a good picture of the problem and a biopsy of the lining may be take and sent to pathology for further investigations. Another surgical options is an Endometrial ablation, which is cleaning the endometrium (the lining in the uterus) away, can give good relief for heavy bleeding almost instantly.

Emergency gynaecological surgery, including treatment of ectopic pregnancy and miscarriage
Dr. Ganu is available at short notice for any emergency surgery.

Heavy periods, fibroids and polycystic ovarian syndrome bleeding
Heavy periods can be caused by many reasons. Dr. Ganu will organise blood tests, ultrasound or x-rays to determine the reason.

  • Fibroids can cause heavy bleeding. They are a benign tumours, which line the uterus wall. They vary in size and many women have them and not even know! If they do cause heavy bleeding, then the best way to remove them is via a small surgical procedure. Sometimes they are so big that a full hysterectomy is required. Dr. Ganu will certainly discuss all options before using radical surgery.
  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is more common than we think. Women who suffer period pain, irregular periods, weight gain and excessive hair on their body, acne and infertility are likely to have PCOS. There is no known cause for PCOS. Dr. Ganu will do extensive tests to determine if the patient has PCOS. Hormone levels are measured in the blood. If detected early it will allow symptoms to be managed and may prevent long term health problems from developing.
  • Ovarian cysts are a fluid filled sac that forms on or in the ovaries. They can vary in size and some women can have them and not even know! The most common cyst is called a functional cyst. If you have symptoms of pressure, swelling or pain in the abdomen then you should see your GP for a referral to see a specialist. Dr. Ganu will organise an ultrasound to determine the size of the cyst. A pregnancy test is done to rule out pregnancy. Options can often be conservative, as sometimes the cyst will go away on its own. If not and it is causing you stress or pain, then surgery is an option. Dr. Ganu will discuss the options with you before a decision is made.


If you are having trouble getting pregnant, Dr. Ganu will do an extensive range of tests including ultrasound scans or like first to see if there is a medical reason for your infertility and work towards a solution with you. If unsuccessful, we will send you to another healthcare professional who specialises solely in Fertility. The best part is, all the tests have been done before hand and the results can be taken with you to your visit.

Abnormal Pap smears and Colposcopy

If you have an abnormal Pap smear, your GP may refer you to see a specialist like Dr. Ganu who Ganu will perform a Colposcopic examination. For more information about this procedure, click into our SERVICES tab on the home page.


Dr. Ganu will discuss with the patient the best options for post-menopausal symptoms. There are pros and cons for hormone replacement and she will organise thorough investigations, answer your questions and work out the best treatment options to suit you.


There are a variety of different types of contraception and hormone management options, including Mirena and Implanon. Dr. Ganu will discuss the best available to suit your needs.

Our goal is that you will be provided with a complete support, a comprehensive pregnancy plan and expert obstetric care from your very first appointment right through until your 6 week postnatal check- up. Flinders Private Hospital offers our private obstetric patients a luxurious maternity experience along with the safety of being located next to Flinders Medical Centre for emergencies. Dr. Ganu also delivers at Ashford Hospital only by prior arrangement.